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Our international team of enthusiastic volunteers is driven by a common mission - fighting the negative impact of Social Media offering a safe and secure digital network that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: A place to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them.

The declining mental health in young adults, caused by social media addiction and loneliness, has formed the main focus for our team, to improve the quality of life amongst the users of LifeBonder.

Meet The Team



Makhin Akramova

Digital Marketing Gladiator

Co-founder & CMO

I'm marketer, who is passionate about solving right problems in the digital way. I've joined LifeBonder for making a difference and breaking a new ground in the new era of cutting-edge technologies by creating a revolutionary next generation social media platform.


Jesper Simonsen

Full Stack Philosopher

Founder & CEO/CTO

It's time for a change. I want to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: a tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them. I want to connect people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful.

Bangladesh | Denmark

Mohammad R. Hasan

Full Stack Wizard

Co-Founder & Project Manager

As a developer I have done remote works for agencies, startups and collaborated with talented people to create digital products all over the world. I joined LifeBonder because they have very innovative idea that. I want to help building the NextGen in social media.


Sri Lanka

Hasitha Wijethilaka

Backend Ninja

Backend Developer

I am a Backend Software Developer and need to improve my skills and get international exposure for my career as well. I think LifeBonder is the perfect platform to reach my dream and to improve my skills and experience, so I love to work with LifeBonder!


Alan Visnovezky

Backend Striker

Backend Developer

When Lifebonder came up to me with an idea of a multicultural team with people around the world to change the social media paradigm I didn't think twice. The oportunity is big, the responsibilites of handling this kind of project too, so i think working here is amazing.


Mohamed R. Zaki

Mobile Application Innovator

Mobile Application Developer

I’m a Junior Developer who is enthusiastic about making a difference in the world. I joined LifeBonder because its main mission of changing social media to the better, at the same time making it more secure and beautiful.

Nigeria | Finland

Emmanuel Isong

Quality Assurance Guru

Software tester

In love with software testing. I have been testing for over 4 years. With efficient skill in both manual and automation testing.


Samer El Chami

Software Overthinker

Software Engineer

I am a computer and software engineer who is passionate about mobile app development. I joined LifeBonder because I believe it’s time for social media to bring about meaningful human connection.


Mohamed Sedki

Flutter Bounty Hunter

Flutter Mobile Developer

The promising and genuine idea of the project coupled with the clear vision of what needs to be done sensed from the diverse team felt like a recipe for success, as a mid-level Flutter developer seeking to be challenged, joining LifeBonder was a no brainer.

Nigeria | Turkey

Oladimeji Rahim Aremu

Full Stack Innovator

Software Engineer

As a computer engineering student, I take pleasure in the exhilaration of developing applications from scratch using amazing technologies. LifeBonder intends to transform the perception of social media, which aligns perfectly with my aspirations. I feel thankful for being a member of this team.

UX & UI Designers

Pakistan | Denmark

Muhammad A. Anjum

Digital Achiever

Interaction Designer

I'm a passionate interaction designer and facilitator to achieve positive experiences through curiosity, passion, openness, and collaboration. LifeBonder is an exceptionally good project that will genuinely bring people joy, rather than frustration.

Denmark | Ireland | Hong Kong

Joni Mok

Interactive Magician

Interaction Designer

I'm a UX designer and researcher who cares about the social common good and well-being. LifeBonder shares the same vision as I have. So, I think we can definitely work towards this common goal together.

Denmark | Canada

Celeste Jaramillo

UI Creative Jedi

UI Designer Intern

I'm a creative User Interface Designer who transforms ideas into appealing products for people. I joined LifeBonder because we share the same values and I think it's time for a revolutionary social media platform where users can feel safe, joyful, and positive.



Makhin Akramova

Digital Marketing Gladiator

Social Media Manager

I'm marketer, who is passionate about solving right problems in the digital way. I've joined LifeBonder for making a difference and breaking a new ground in the new era of cutting-edge technologies by creating a revolutionary next generation social media platform.

United Kingdom

Polly Cumming

Insightful Wordmonger

Content Writer

I'm a Literary Graduate returning to writing after a stint of Chef-ing. I'm joining LifeBonder for the opportunity to write about a fresh, socially relevant topic that I can put passion behind, whilst brushing up on my scribbling skills.


Shittal Shrestha

SEO Savvy

Web Content Writer

I am very passionate about writing, originality and uniqueness within content creation is an important aspect to me. Being a part of LifeBonder and making a positive impact on social media is exciting. I am looking forward to be contributing improving the online experience for users.

El Salvador

Erika Tsujimoto

Creative Native

Social Media Content Creator

My mind is always filled with random questions and thoughts, which helps with my creativity. Along with my advocate nature, I strive for a happier society where we can enjoy, essentially, life.


Kalli Allik

Art Lover

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I love different kinds of art, especially digital art. I like to express myself through images, colors, and shapes. LifeBonder is a valuable idea for the whole world - love it!


Marta Vilà

TikTok Enchanter

TikTok Content Creator

What made LifeBonder stand out to me was the twist it gives to the mentality we now have about social media, which makes us reduce self-control. And, therefore, thanks to this application we could transfer that virtual life to a deep real life.


Connor Montgomery

Definitive Designer

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

I have a love for pop culture and illustration, especially mixing the two. Working with LifeBonder feels like I'm working to help spread a good cause and achieve a relevant, important goal so I'm excited in using my passions to help further it.


Stela Noskovicova

Digital Marketing Lover

Social Media Content Creator

I am a marketing student who loves to use the power of social media for a good purpose, which is what LifeBonder does. The idea of connecting people based on the same interests seems perfect to me, as long-lasting friendships are born right then.


Manuela Diaz Palacios

TikTok Content Creator

TikTok Content Creator

I love to travel, discover new places, I love to dance 😊 I joined LifeBonder because I liked the idea of creating community and friends in a safe and really “social” way. I think LifeBonder is what this technological generation needs, something that can make them explore real life and real friends 😊

South Africa

Jessica Maria Dwyer

Influential Word Smith


I reach hearts and minds with the power of my pen to inspire unity and reignite human connection. I nurture self-awareness and empower transformation to increase your quality of life, helping you build authentic relationships and drive meaning and purpose.


Charlotte Lynggaard

Pixel Perfectionist

Graphic designer & Illustrator

I've always had a creative mind and have spent a good chunk of my youth on social media sharing my art. I love to see empathy and inclusivity become more of a focus in how we interact online, and that is part of what attracted me to LifeBonder.


Nicolai Egede Petersen

Reddit Engagement Tactician

Reddit Content Manager

I am a communications specialist and a full time reddit user with lots of experience in different communities. I joined LifeBonder because I believe that modern social media is due for a paradigm shift, and that LifeBonder should be the next-in-line.


Margarida Casqueira

Social Media Activist

Social Media Content Creator

I love new experiences and meeting new people. I joined LifeBonder because I identify immensely with its mission. Social media can have a significant impact on our mental health, it can connection us, but it can also contribute to isolation and anxiety.


Mai Even

Digital Art Aficionado

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

As a kid I produced colouring pages for my friends to colour in. As part of the LifeBonder team, I hope my designs will bring just as much joy and possibility to express oneself - and to even more people.