This team is driven by the unified mission

Over the 6 months as the app is being developed, the LifeBonder team has grown from a few key stakeholders to over 30 people inspired to join a pre-funded team on a volunteer basis from all over the world, motivated by what we’re fighting to change.



Jesper Simonsen

Full Stack Philosopher

Founder & CEO/CTO

It’s time for a change. I want to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: a tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them. I want to connect people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful.

Bangladesh | Denmark

Mohammad R. Hasan

Full Stack Wizard

Co-Founder & Project Manager

As a developer I have done remote works for agencies, startups and collaborated with talented people to create digital products all over the world. I joined LifeBonder because they have very innovative idea that. I want to help building the NextGen in social media.

Argentina | Sweeden

Paul Mac Carthy

Finance Captain


Matching platforms should help us create meaningful relationships with whom we can share real life experiences, that’s what we are working at LifeBonder.


Sri Lanka

Hasitha Wijethilaka

Backend Ninja

Backend Developer

I am a Backend Software Developer and need to improve my skills and get international exposure for my career as well. I think LifeBonder is the perfect platform to reach my dream and to improve my skills and experience, so I love to work with LifeBonder!


Alan Visnovezky

Backend Striker

Backend Developer

When Lifebonder came up to me with an idea of a multicultural team with people around the world to change the social media paradigm I didn't think twice. The oportunity is big, the responsibilites of handling this kind of project too, so i think working here is amazing.


Geanina Murariu

Bug Detective

Software tester

LifeBonder can do for me exactly what their name says - create strong bonds with people that can help me grow both as a professional and as a person. My goal is to help the team create the best experience for everyone who will use LifeBonder.


Mohamed R. Zaki

Mobile Application Innovator

Mobile Application Developer

I’m a Junior Developer who is enthusiastic about making a difference in the world. I joined LifeBonder because its main mission of changing social media to the better, at the same time making it more secure and beautiful.

India | Denmark

Srinivas Reddy Pandiri

Quality engineer

Software Tester

I’m Certified Software Testing Professional and having about 4+ years of experience in manual and automation testing. I am motivated by working with talented people in a multicultural environment to improve myself to grow with the organization.

Nigeria | Finland

Emmanuel Isong

Quality Assurance Guru

Software tester

In love with software testing. I have been testing for over 4 years. With efficient skill in both manual and automation testing.


Samer El Chami

Software Overthinker

Software Engineer

I am a computer and software engineer who is passionate about mobile app development. I joined LifeBonder because I believe it’s time for social media to bring about meaningful human connection.


Tobias Blaksley

Developer Warrior

Frontend Developer

I’m a passionate developer focused on delivering to the user a great experience through web exploration. LifeBonder is a great project that aims to really connect people through social media.


Yogesh Bhat

Quality Wizard

Quality Engineer

The idea of Lifebonder as a new way to socially bond with connections is phenomenal. To be a part of the staff here is motivating. Looking forward to seamless learning and connecting with amazing people.

UX & UI Designers

Italy | Denmark

Mariagiulia Sardu

User-friendly Witch

UI Designer

I believe there is always a way to do better but I’m really motivated to do my best. I joined LifeBonder because I think that building real connections with others is a fundamental part of our existence.

Russia | Finland

Anastasia Ianovskaia

User Interface Sempai

User Interface Designer

One of my dreams is to make the world a better place for our future generation and LifeBonder is exactly the place, where dreams come true.


Simon Bak Kjærulff

Inter-Action Jackson

Interaction Designer

Fresh out of Uni and ready to take on the world. And what better way to start than to get my hands dirty in a fresh start-up with a bright idea!

Public Relations


Siim James Koff

Communications Ace

PR Manager

I have joined LifeBonder as I believe in their vision and mission, to make social media genuinely social and connected while at the same time respecting privacy.



Francisco Garcia

Grapher in Motion

Motion Graphics Designer & Video Editor

Video is about emotions, feelings, a bond between who sees and who wants to show something. I want to connect LifeBonder with people, so they can connect with themselves and each other, but this time, for real

Argentina | Italy

Arturo Marinho

Warrior Videomaker


As a battle-tested filmmaker making the invisible visible, Lifebonder is an outstanding environment to open a whole new visual world.

United States

Caroline Fermoselle


Content Writer/Storyteller

I joined LifeBonder because connection is at the root of the human experience and this platform facilitates the serendipitous and uncalculated type of interaction that we have lost touch with.


Sarp Duyar

Business & SoMe Centurion

Business Developer/Social Media Designer

Academic, Musician, Game Master. I joined LifeBonder because I wanted the startup rush, while saving human society.


Nasra Abdiasis

Creative Thoughtsmith

Content Writer & Storyteller

As a self-pronounced storyteller, introspective introvert, and slight social media sceptic, I really believe that the core mission of LifeBonder will help facilitate a new era of social media wherein people can make real, lasting connections online.


Kamil Szydlowski


Social Media Content Creator

I am a Bachelor student of Sales and Marketing Management in Denmark and I believe social media is causing undervaluation in many people. It’s time to change social media with Lifebonder.

United States

Alex Kowal

Video Mechanic


I am an adventurer and lover of the outdoors who is passionate about telling stories through video. I joined LifeBonder team because it’s a social platform that not only connects people online, but also encourages users to meet and build friendships.


Adrian Hanganu

Digital Demigod

Digital Marketer

I am an up and coming digital marketer that is eager for a chance to prove himself. I have joined Lifebonder because of the opportunity of taking part in the new dawn of social media.

United States

Jennifer Schaller

Content Queen

Social Media Content Creator

I’m an experienced storyteller and huge nerd with a massive case of wanderlust. I believe true friendships are everything and I’ve chosen to work with LifeBonder because I believe in social media for good.


Justyna Kluska

Social Visionary

Social Media Marketing Intern

I’m an Innovation and Entrepreneurship student who loves to learn through experience. I believe that social media should be a source of inspiration and a tool for making new friendships. It’s time to fight for it.

Turkey | China

Ayçin Mesut Basım

Social Inventor

Youtube Content Creator

I’m a dynamic and outgoing person who loves to explore new places, cultures and languages. I joined LifeBonder because I found its core values very close to mine and I really want them to succeed.


Narmin Ahmadzadeh

Visual solutionist

UX/UI Designer

I joined LifeBonder because friendship is important for me and this possibility and beautiful experience with creating design language is a very exciting journey.

Lithuania | Denmark

Karolina Gečaitė

Community Wizard

Crowdfunding Coordinator

I believe that when you help those in need – it comes back twice to you. I’ve joined LifeBonder to make that difference and positively impact others.