Get To Know Us

Our international team of enthusiastic volunteers is driven by a common mission - fighting the negative impact of Social Media offering a safe and secure digital network that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: A place to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them.

The declining mental health in young adults, caused by social media addiction and loneliness, has formed the main focus for our team, to improve the quality of life amongst the users of LifeBonder.



Jesper Simonsen

Full Stack Philosopher

Founder & CEO

It's time for a change. I want to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: a tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them. I want to connect people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful.

Sri Lanka

Hasitha Wijethilaka

Backend Ninja

Backend Developer

I am a Backend Software Developer and need to improve my skills and get international exposure for my career as well. I think LifeBonder is the perfect platform to reach my dream and to improve my skills and experience, so I love to work with LifeBonder!


Alan Visnovezky

Backend Striker

Backend Developer

When Lifebonder came up to me with an idea of a multicultural team with people around the world to change the social media paradigm I didn't think twice. The oportunity is big, the responsibilites of handling this kind of project too, so i think working here is amazing.

Nigeria | Finland

Emmanuel Isong

Quality Assurance Guru

Software tester

In love with software testing. I have been testing for over 4 years. With efficient skill in both manual and automation testing.


Sravani Bhooma

Bounce Back Programmer

Backend Developer/Tester

I am a software engineer with diverse experience. LifeBonder gave me an opportunity to restart my career after a personal gap. It is a boon to program and develop an application to strengthen real life relations and to increase the quality of life.


Neha Chauhan

.NET Backend Wizard

Back-end Developer

A self motivated IT professional. As a tech enthusiast I'm thrilled to join this company's mission to push boundaries and create impactful solutions. I'm very Passionate in tech & have learning attitude to improve my skills. I'm excited to learn from top talent.


Anand Ravindra Lukade

Full Stack Invictus

Solution Architect

I work as a dedicated software architect and programmer, having experience with Angular 13, Google Big Query, Azure PAAS, Micro Services, and Service Oriented Architecture. LifeBonder is the ideal venue for exchanging 13 years of knowledge and learning from a global team.

Lebanon | Denmark

Abdallah Taha

Digital Excellence Orchestrator

Software Project Manager

LifeBonder's commitment to excellence aligns with my aspirations for orchestrating sustainable software solutions on a global scale. I am eager to join the team to further enhance my leadership skills and contribute to the dynamic realm of digital innovation.


Rajitha Yedupati

Testing Trekker

Software Tester

I am a dedicated software Tester. I am keen to join Life bonder as it provides an opportunity for skill enhancement and continuous learning. Here I'll have a chance to explore new things and get better at what I do.


Muhanad YOUNIS

Code SkySorter

Senior Developer and Tech Lead

I, an experienced C# and Angular developer with 18+ years of expertise and a paragliding pilot, have joined LifeBonder. This platform's main idea revolves around fostering connections and meaningful interactions, aligning perfectly with my diverse interests in both technology and adventure.

Executives & Legal


Eva-Lotta Metsla

Executive Synergy Steward

Executive Assistant

I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Business Administration and Leadership and I chose to join LifeBonder for unique startup learning opportunities. Excited to grow with the company and make a meaningful impact.

UX & UI Designers

Pakistan | Denmark

Muhammad A. Anjum

Digital Achiever

Interaction Designer

I'm a passionate interaction designer and facilitator to achieve positive experiences through curiosity, passion, openness, and collaboration. LifeBonder is an exceptionally good project that will genuinely bring people joy, rather than frustration.


United Kingdom

Polly Cumming

Insightful Wordmonger

Content Writer

I'm a Literary Graduate returning to writing after a stint of Chef-ing. I'm joining LifeBonder for the opportunity to write about a fresh, socially relevant topic that I can put passion behind, whilst brushing up on my scribbling skills.


Victoria Kontou

Social Media Wizard

Social Media Content Creator

Passionate, creative, and a social media enthusiast, I joined the team fueled by my love for the whole idea behind LifeBonder. Excited to contribute my skills and learn new things to the beautiful journey ahead.


Kalli Allik

Art Lover

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

I love different kinds of art, especially digital art. I like to express myself through images, colors, and shapes. LifeBonder is a valuable idea for the whole world - love it!


Marta Vilà

TikTok Enchanter

TikTok Content Creator

What made LifeBonder stand out to me was the twist it gives to the mentality we now have about social media, which makes us reduce self-control. And, therefore, thanks to this application we could transfer that virtual life to a deep real life.

Libya | Turkey

Mohamed F M Elzaianey

Visual Storytelling Artisan

Video Production Specialist

As a seasoned videographer and editor, I bring a passion for storytelling through visuals. Joining LifeBonder allows me to weave compelling narratives, capturing moments that resonate. Excited to contribute my skills to a platform that values human connections and shared experiences.


Charlotte Lynggaard

Pixel Perfectionist

Graphic designer & Illustrator

I've always had a creative mind and have spent a good chunk of my youth on social media sharing my art. I love to see empathy and inclusivity become more of a focus in how we interact online, and that is part of what attracted me to LifeBonder.


Nicolai Egede Petersen

Reddit Engagement Tactician

Reddit Content Manager

I am a communications specialist and a full time reddit user with lots of experience in different communities. I joined LifeBonder because I believe that modern social media is due for a paradigm shift, and that LifeBonder should be the next-in-line.


Margarida Casqueira

Social Media Activist

Social Media Content Creator

I love new experiences and meeting new people. I joined LifeBonder because I identify immensely with its mission. Social media can have a significant impact on our mental health, it can connection us, but it can also contribute to isolation and anxiety.


Amrita Chowdhury

Content Wordsmith

Social Media Content Creator

I am an experienced content creator who is passionate about reaching people worldwide. LifeBonder helps people to be more social and meet new friends sharing common interests. The idea is a game-changer and I am happy to be a part of it!

Denmark | Turkey

M. Ihsan Tursun

Social Media Wing-man

Intern and Blogger

I was amazed by the goal, mission, and vision of LifeBonder. I love to help people and to be a person who provides and helps people. This is exactly what LifeBonder focuses on. Helping and improving people's life.


Greta Tikužytė

Storytelling Rockstar


I am a graduate of English Literature and have been working with texts and images for almost a decade. I strongly believe that we need to battle loneliness and concentrate more on healthy and fulfilling relationships which LifeBonder strives to encourage.


Raluca-Mirela Tucaciuc

Content Sorcerer

Social Media Content Creator

As a young woman who spends a lot of time on social media, LifeBonder’s values and beliefs align with mine. Social media has its pros and cons–pros: it helped me get inspired to start a career in the marketing field; cons–way too much negativity surrounding social media. And this is where I come in.


Tobias Kaalbye

Creative Catalyst

Content Creator

Hi! I’m a Danish guy studying a master’s in International Business Communication. I love how content can create value and therefore I wanted to join LifeBonder as the goal is to go beyond creating content, but value through meaningful connections. LifeBonder wants to make content less superficial.

United States

Gillian Pulley

Brand Bard


As an art therapist, I witness creative expression’s transformative power daily. Writing for LifeBonder, I aim to support the cultivation of a community that values authentic connections and revitalizing societal bonds.

South Africa

Sara Yamba Mbuyu

Creative Slayer

Content Writer and Blogger

I'm a creative personality with an aspiration to be a travel and food writer. I'm here at lifebonder to become an insightful and versatile Content writer for deep and meaningful topics.

The Netherlands

Charita Resodimedjo

Social Media Ninja

Social Media Content Creator

I joined Lifebonder because I strongly resonate with it's mission and goal. I have always been a creative and passionate person who loves to meet new people. I am enthusiastic to contribute my skills to a platform that values human connections.


Mariachiara Bermudez

Communication Artist

Social Media Content Creator

Creative and passionate, with many years of communication experience under my belt, I strongly believe in LifeBonder mission to foster human connection. Excited to be part of this journey!