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Why We Exist

What Makes Lifebonder Unique?

The Lifebonder NextGen mobile app empowers individuals to ignite their social life by facilitating real-life off-platform friendships locally. Our privacy-safe AI enables authentic, modest, and anonymous profile matching, trusted pre-verified users, who share common interests.

The Lifebonder Brand Story

We are going against the narrative to battle the negative impact of social media…because we want to design a platform to increase your quality of life!

The insatiable business-centric model of current social media growth engines is solely designed around consumerism and addiction as a profit-maximizing mechanism.

At Lifebonder...we want to take the lead with a human-centric social media platform designed with a purpose - to put people before profit!

We aim to design a safe and friendly place and prioritize User needs by positioning them at the core and forefront of our business and placing the advertiser where they should be … at the periphery!

Our Values

Lifebonder’s core value – AUTHENTICITY

A human-centric platform where people feel free to be their real authentic selves. And feel a sense of belonging.

What Lifebonder is standing against - ISOLATION & CANCEL CULTURE

We want to decrease loneliness by bringing people together in real life. Censorship, being judged and not feeling accepted and lack of safety are usually key factors keeping people as observant not participants in shared activities.

Diversity and Inclusion

We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment, bullying and/or discrimination of any kind. It must be safe and fun to work at LifeBonder and using our social network. LifeBonder has an open and inclusive corporate culture that values diversity and encourages collaboration across any and all divides with respect for one another

Reconnecting & Bonding

We believe that social life should be lived outside social media. We empower human connection, bonding and increased face-to-face experiences. Our vanity-free design gives confidence and comfort, ending fake personas. We aspire to promote sympathetic behavior and outcomes driven by emotional maturity rather than ghostfriending.

Authenticity & Kindness

We believe it is important to be kind to each other and to be our authentic selves. We are creating an inclusive, self-accepting space with a feeling and sense of belonging, free of judgement and cancel culture. We reward kindness and incentivize social collaboration offline in the outside world.

We are approachable

We believe it is human to error and none are infallible. We all make mistakes from time to time – when it happens, we encourage people to be open and honest about it. We are a supportive and receptive space with room for error, learning and innovation.

Compassion & Empathy

We believe in supporting people in their real lives. Our approach is caring, thoughtful and charitable. A warm and welcoming space that is mindful, healthy and considerate enables emotional intimacy to flourish. We oppose indifference, insensitivity and inhumane practices.

Safety, Responsibility & Accountability

We believe that all people have the right to privacy. We believe transparency and responsibility drive trust, reliability, and honesty. We believe in earning the trust of our users, and we respect and protect users. We oppose exploitative and manipulative behavior and tactics.

Human-Centric Innovators & Change-Makers

We believe that our regular users should be our core focus. We are transforming and reshaping social media for the betterment of man. We maintain a healthy balance between virtual and real life, making users tech-savvy rather than tech-addicted to improve mental and emotional well-being. We abstain from corruption and false narratives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability

We believe in complete transparency and freedom of speech. We consciously contribute to social and environmental impact while meeting business goals and objectives. Ethical and fair, we seek to uplift and restore moral virtues to enhance people and the planet. We drive awareness and value human rights, environmental protection and preservation. We are not a corporatocracy. We serve no agendas.

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