LifeBonder is the new social media, and it will soon be a big part of the social media platform. Read along, and be prepared for a new era!

What is LifeBonder? What is the mission? Why are we doing this – and why now?

Is this questions you have been asking yourself, when you first stumbled over LifeBonder’s website? The answer is quite simple actually, because it’s all in the name – LifeBonder.

It’s all about making those bonds for life. Anyways, I thought, I would make this blog post and take you through the questions above, and hopefully you will be a lot wiser on the other side!

What is LifeBonder?

We started up in early 2019. The genius behind is Jesper Simonsen. With his great team he is creating a social media platform as a tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them.

LifeBonder makes it possible for you to focus on making real friends pending more time hitting it off with friends and less time finding them.

It’s a social media platform where it’s possible to be matched. Not just based on a shared interest but on compatibility, which most of the times can create some really great relationships.

What is our mission?

The LifeBonder mission is to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: A tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them.

We want to make the world a better place by filling a growing need for direct socializing outside social media. Connecting people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful.

Why are we doing this?

We needed a place, where it is possible to make real relationships that are meaningful and profound. Not the shallow acquaintances that the social media facilitates now.

Furthermore, we needed a social media where people can be private and feel comfortable.

Where they do not have to be concerned about their private life getting in the wrong hands.

Last but not least we really want to beat the social media addiction and the unhealthy and shallow relationships on social media.

Hope you feel a little more enlighten after this. Do you want to be a part of this new era and know more about the next generation of social media? Subscribe to our newsletter right here and be one of the first people to try out our new mobile app when it hits the streets.

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Master's degree in Danish and Media Science. Love to work with communication, languages, social media, and text production. Right now I'm a volunteer at LifeBonder, and I'm working with all the things, that I love to do, such as communication and social media. My favourite topics to come about when writing are definitely social media and the impact it has on human beings, but I also like to dig in with topics about life and our psykological state of mind. Happy reading!