This is the time when friendship is at its strongest to support Ukraine to overcome this difficult time.

The world has been going through its most difficult period. We have just been undergoing and suffering from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for three years. Until now, we are still living with it and finding a way to recover from the pandemic to get back to our normal lives. 

However, the problems don’t seem to have ended yet. We have to confront another crisis that is related to the world’s peace and affects directly on Ukrainians – whose country was under attack by the Russian military. This conflict has had severe consequences on the lives of the Ukrainian people. 

Therefore, now is the best time to lend a hand and stand up for these people.

The current situation in Ukraine

The conflict between the two countries has been ongoing for several days. Only the first week has passed, but it has already left heavy damage to the people and cities of Ukraine. 

According to CNN and Ukraine’s State Emergency Service, over the last seven days, the escalating tension between Ukraine and Russian forces has been destroying transport infrastructure, houses, hospitals, and kindergartens. The use of explosive weapons with a wide impact area caused the majority of casualties in Ukraine. Children, women, and defense lines are in a life-threatening situation. 

The exact number is yet to be determined. However, more than 2000 Ukrainians are supposed to be killed because of the war’s effects. Along with that, the situation has caused around one million refugees to flee their homes to neighboring countries. 

The rest of the Ukrainian residents had to shelter under subway stations, the basements of shopping malls, and apartment buildings. Even the hospitals had to be temporarily relocated to the basements to continue treatment. Pregnant mothers, the elderly, and children are living under difficult and poor conditions.

The need of friendship spirit

Why is friendship mentioned here in this context? It is because the country Ukraine and its people are going through a hard time and they need help from people around the world to raise their voices to stop the war. It is our empathy to share with them and help them get through this situation. Isn’t that what friendship is all about? 

Friendship is the relationship between people, which is like a thread that binds them together. Those, who are in a friendship, are often sharing thoughts, feelings, or stories with each other. They are also the ones who are ready to listen and offer help when their friends encounter hardship. 

The need for friendship can be explained quite simply. We – as humans – are always social creatures. Our lives revolve around communities, families, teamwork, fellowship, and alliance. We need to rely on cooperation to live and thrive. All the relationships around us shape our behaviors and virtues, help us to achieve our goals, receive benefits from others’ actions, and result in our happiness.

Friendship can come across borders in any shape and happen at any stage of our lives. No matter of gender, age, country, religion, or race, we can all be friends when sharing the same ideals. We do not have to deal with ups and downs on our own when there is friendship by our side. 

Research from Harvard discovered that people who are surrounded by positive relationships, such as friends and families, tend to be more successful and live happier than those who isolate themselves from the connection. It can also result in better physical and mental health. 

In this context of the Ukraine crisis, the power of friendship can go beyond the borderline. No matter if we are sending practical support like donations or just sharing gentle words of sympathy, they are all good deeds to our Ukrainian friends, colleagues, and those who are directly suffering the consequences of war. 

How can we stand up for Ukrainians?

Those, who are at the heart of the battle, need our help. The same is true for those people who are our Ukrainian friends and colleagues living right beside us. They are living and working abroad, but their families are in Ukraine and may have to suffer from war damage. What could we do to show our support, friendliness and kindness to our dear Ukrainians?


The best and most practical way that Ukrainian people need right now is humanitarian support and donations. 

They are in a situation that lacks many of the necessary supplies such as food, clothes, blankets, medical aids and other useful items. People are in urgent need. Kids do not have food and people do not have medicines for treatment. To support them, there are currently many charity organizations and foundations receiving aids from people around the world (UNICEF, Red Cross, United Nations World Food Program, etc.)
You can donate to Ukrainian people and also for their defense through this site.

Support and facilitation

Other things that you can offer help are supporting and facilitating people in refuge, evacuation, and shelter. If there are Ukrainians refugeeing in your countries, you can join in helping them to find appropriate homes and provide necessary supplies. 

Equally important, if you have Ukrainian friends and colleagues beside you, don’t hesitate to offer your assistance to them. It may just be some warm encouragement and gentle inquiries. Or, just simply giving them some space and time like a break during this crisis. This could be difficult for them to put their entire heart and soul into the job during this hard time when their families and relatives are still in danger.

Keep yourself informed

There is still no sign of an end to the tension. That is why we need to update the information quickly and precisely. When we are well-informed about the current situation during the conflict, we can provide aid to those people as promptly as possible. 

Ukraine has been going through a tough time. The country and its people urgently need our help. We must open our hearts and our arms to humanitarians. Let the power of friendship stay where it should be. The world’s heart is standing with Ukraine. 

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