We have talked a lot about the negative effects of social media on our lives. Of course, there are always both good and bad sides to an issue. Social media is not an exception. However, it is crucial to understand each raising problem of social media so that we could perceive and prevent its bad side as soon as possible. In this blog article, the general question for you – our readers – to discuss is whether these social platforms make us more anti-social? 

Many people may say that when they are using social media platforms, they think they are more social than in the real world. It is because they can reach out to many other people online no matter of place or country. 

There are no boundaries between them like in the physical world. They can keep in contact with friends, families, and even get to know strangers easily without having to meet in person. They have the chance to meet and talk to more people around the world. Then why can they be anti-social while they are on social media? This seems paradoxical, right? 

Why say that?

However, let’s take a look at the other side of this issue. Do you admit that when you are using social media, most of your time is spent facing down on your smartphones? Are you updating your social media feed whenever you have free time? The answer should be yes. 

You can see easily from people around you, on the street, at school or in any store. When people are waiting in a queue, gathering together at a coffee shop and so on, the common thing among them is they all start to use their phones. Instead of talking to the friends they ask to hang out and spending time for their families at home, their eyes are glued to the screen. Even when they are in the middle of a conversation and notifications pop up, they are ready to pick up the phone and check them instead of continuing the talk. People are generating the habit of checking their phones whenever they can, especially in the midst of gatherings and meetings. Much of those behaviors can be a form of anti-social.

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We are spending more time for our social media, checking other people’s fancy life than cherishing moments with our loved ones in real life. Life has been more complicated and busier than before. But, there are no longer many confiding moments between people to sympathize each other. We are just wasting so much of those time for uploading pictures on social media, seeing other people’s posts and feeling jealous of their admirable lives. 

Life is only around your virtual world. You also have your real life behind you – where your families, real friends, and loved ones are. Those people that you are following online, the influencers on Instagram you admire – do you truly know them and have any idea how their lives are in real life? Do you know more about them than your loved ones? That would be sad if your answer was yes. 

There are negative impacts …

The social life of people in this digital era has been far more different than that of those in the last decade. Technology and social networks have taken control of our lives more than we could do. 

You might have heard a lot about the consequences and warnings on the Internet. I guessed you all have at least once ignored them as I used to be like you as well. But what you do not know is that spending so much time for your online world instead of talking in real life can make your communication skills worse. Another important thing is that we gradually lose emotional connection with other people. Sometimes, what you want to say may not be as intended. People may not understand the feelings you want to convey through the message.

The answer is …. 

From my perspective, the answer is “Yes”. Yes, I think social media can somehow make us anti-social with all the above behaviors. In the long run, if you are not trying to limit the use, the bad impacts can be worse and cause you many problems in real life. 

How to change? 

What you need to remember is that your life is much more than stories, reels, etc. on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. We still need face-to-face conversations to understand others, know their true feelings, and actually sympathize with them. Those can not be done on social media. So you can stop and prevent yourself from being anti-social by adjusting and having a healthy social media usage. Have more time for people around you in real life.

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