Social media platforms just create an illusion of connectivity.

Life Without Social Media – Hell or Paradise? 

We never imagined our life without social media until it became a viral part of our lives. But, for some people, going a few hours without social media can be a disaster; that, for instance, has taken place in 2021, when global market-leading social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Mapillary, and Oculus have been shut down for a total 6 hours. Yes, imagine – holly 6 hours, which turned out to be a hellish eternity for 3.5 billion online users without social media access. 

So, do you still think that life without social media is hell? 

Definitely not, as my personal story is excellent proof of a social media-free happy life. That day, when I heard the voice in my head saying, “You need to get off the phone,” I realized something was wrong with me. Then I noticed that my morning rituals usually start with a heavy doom scrolling on Instagram. And the culmination of my severe social media addiction awareness was a small talk with my business coach, who finally opened my eyes to my problems. 

I’ve realized that my social media addiction has been caused by my relocation to Denmark, where everything and everybody were new to me. After losing my old connections and being simply hungry for communication, I desperately dived into countless social media platforms. In addition, my social media addiction has been severely escalated by the digital marketing internship at a Danish company, where one of my primary responsibilities has been social media management. That’s how FOMO-syndrome rewarded me!

So how did I manage to survive? 

Realizing that I have a wonderful family but at the same time feel lonely irrevocably has triggered my social media transformation. 

Social media transformation – hell vs. paradise! 

Having gathered all my will and squeezed out the last drop of self-motivation, I began my 6-months social media transformation journey. I said “no” to all social media platforms and flatly refused even to check my email inbox. Of course, I had a couple of breakouts, as it seemed impossible to resist a digital drug! Today, I’m wondering why anyone hasn’t come up with rehab for social media-addicted individuals yet. 

After one month, I reconsidered my social media detox strategy and discovered many gaps. As a result, I broke my piggy bank and bought tickets to different destinations – from Europe to America. It was a tough and expensive combo, I would say, but still, it helped me to reincarnate into a better version of myself. Finally, a victorious moment of my journey was a trip to my home country, where I reconnected with everybody I loved and appreciated. 

Final verdict: Yes, it’s possible to live a happy life without social media! 

Disconnect to connect.

As a result, 6-month social media detox journey has lifted the veil from my eyes and filled me with the wisdom to live in harmony with myself. Today, I can clearly see a golden line between real-life and virtual reality and also the benefits of living “offline.” Now I perceive social media not as the meaning of my whole metaverse life but as the job that gives me moral and financial pleasure in living my life to the fullest.

However, I’m still struggling with a new “canceled future” phenomenon caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, financial crisis, and ongoing wars and revolutions worldwide, but it’s another story. 

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