We stand against racism.

To all of you out on the streets protesting for a path towards a fair and just society: We see you. We hear you. We stand with you. Only together can we hope to move forward to bring about justice and lasting change.

Grassroots movements throughout history have been a powerful driving force for positive societal change. Peaceful protest is a cornerstone of democracy and a profound expression of love. Love of community. Love of country. There is nothing more unifying than to recognize and act to change that which must change. We’ve compiled a list of resources to invite active participation and productive discussion surrounding these human rights issues. Your voice is valuable in creating profound and lasting systemic change.

Remember, protesting raises awareness. It drives momentum. It shows we care and it sends a powerful message that calls out for change long overdue. But change cannot be had by taking to the streets alone. It must be won at the ballot box. Know your candidates. Run for office. Vote. Together we will secure justice for all.

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Demand Justice for Floyd: 

  • Go to @benlross and follow the link in bio to open a template email. Just fill in your name and city/state of residence and hit send. It’ll be sent to the Minneapolis Police  Department heads. 
  • Call your local representatives to demand accountability and push for change. https://www.house.gov/representatives