Is it your friend’s birthday? International Day of Friendship is coming? Maybe there is no occasion? After all, the best surprises are those without any occasion!

It is so important to remember and care for our friends. Below I will try to inspire you with some unusual ideas on how to positively surprise them and make them feel special. To prepare an amazing gift or surprise, you don’t need a lot of money, but a bit of creativity and commitment. Believe me, imaginative and crazy gifts bring more joy, laugh, and stay in the memory for longer than expensive gadgets. Don’t you believe? Just give it a try!

1. Become a poet

You don’t have to be a poet to create a short nursery rhyme, song, or even a story for your bestie. It’s such a simple but currently rare chosen way to make someone important feel really special. If your friend lives in another town, you can send a traditional letter, I assure you that a paper letter means more than a virtual message.

2. Print the memories

Nowadays, most of the photos are taken with a smartphone, we publish them on social media or send them in private messages. However, classic albums or a more modern version –  photobooks still have something unique about them. If you want to surprise your friend, develop your shared photos, and create a joint album. Don’t forget to add a date to each photo and a short description of the memory it represents. Every photography has its own story!

3. Plan a real excursion

If you are lucky to live close to each other, planning a trip together is always a great idea. You don’t need to go to a luxury hotel in Egypt, (of course that’s always an option) but go to a place you’ve never been before. Maybe one of the parks in your city, or a village nearby that you have never visited yet. It is not necessary to go far away to spend a day full of adventures! Plan a day full of attractions, a picnic together,  bonfire, or maybe winter swimming sea in the lake?

4. Jar full of reasons

Another charming idea that has recently gained popularity is to prepare small paper cards and put them in a glass jar. On these cards, you can write reasons why you like your friend, his strengths, or maybe activities that you want to do together ?! Let creativity be your best guide!

5. Letters with the opening date

Write a few letters to your friend, but don’t let them open them right away! On each envelope write the date of its opening. They could be random dates or some special occasions such as a birthday, friendship anniversary, or the first day of spring. In this way, you will improve your friend’s mood many times – on the days when he reads your letters.

6.  A box full of sweetness 

What a simple but lovely idea. Which candies does your friend like? Or maybe you know some snacks that remind you about your childhood? Try to get them! Of course, you can use all kinds of snacks or drinks. If you like to bake, there is no need to wait. Who said that gingerbread can only be eaten during Christmas?

7. Dedicated Playlist

Prepare a playlist with your friend’s favorite music and songs that remind you of your best common memories. You can create this playlist in some web applications such as Spotify or YouTube! It is a simple but very sentimental way to make your bestie pleased.

8. Shared video

If you have many friends in common, create a shared video. let each of your friends record a few nice words about your bestie or write them on a piece of paper and send a photo. Such a mix of photos or videos is a great gift for a person who lives far away and cannot meet in person. Watching such a video can improve someone’s many times especially during sad or lonely days.

9. Bury the treasure 

As children, each of us wanted to find a treasure, but how about burying such a treasure? Prepare a box, with a few sentimental items that are important for your friendship, and bury them together. Next decide when you will dig it out, in ten, twenty, or hundred years? If you are afraid of destroying the box, you can hide it in the basement or behind the wardrobe. Think about how you will feel on the day of “unearthing” the treasure again? I can already feel that excitement!

I hope you found your favorite idea that you are going to try or maybe you want to try them all! Our friends deserve to be cared for, and you will see how muy joy brings you giving!

Justyna Kluska

Enthusiastic content creator, I want social media to become a source of knowledge and inspiration. I wish they would connect people instead of dividing them.