Often during the summer holidays or events, we can meet wonderful people who are our soulmates. Usually, there is one little problem – they do not live in our city or country. Despite the obstacles, it is definitely still worth not giving up and still keeping in touch with them. 

Last year, each of us has tried living with a distance from friends or family and keeping mostly remote contact with them. We experienced how difficult it is, but also that it is not possible and we have learned to keep such relationships joyful.

Nowadays, thanks to Internet access and fast transport possibilities, we can keep in touch with people from the other side of the globe. Several decades ago, traveling wasn’t so easy, and contact with friends from another country could only be maintained by sending traditional letters. 

Life is one big surprise and we never know where we gonna live in the future. Therefore, it is not worth giving up a friendship just because of the distance.

So do distance friendships have any advantages? Is there anything special about them?

Definitely yes! You don’t believe it? Read the reasons below!

1. You will really appreciate the time that you can spend together when you meet

As you can’t see each other every day, personal meetings gonna be something special for both of you. You will value every minute with each other and try to spend time together in the best possible way. Every meeting will be a new, exciting adventure full of surprises.

2. Gettig to know a new environment 

As your friend lives in a different place his or her environment would be completly different than yours. Therefore, you will have many various topics to talk about. You can compare your daily routines, school or job environments, and hobbies. If your friend is from another country, it will be even more interesting. You can have your own cultural exchange!

3. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about your problems with a person who doesn’t belong to your everyday environment. 

Sometimes, in order to handle our problems, we need the opinion of someone from outside who will look at the issue from a distance. That will allow a friend to be more objective. Some people also find it easier to talk about difficult topics over the phone or video chat than in person.

4. Video chats became so fun nowadays! 

Currently, apart from a simple conversation, we can diversify it in many ways. First of all, in many communicators the number of people who can participate in the same conversation is enormous. During the conversation, you can watch movies together, play virtual games against each other, change backgrounds or put on yourself virtual ornaments and effects. Such a conversation will never get boring!

5. You can send each other letters or parcels

Nothing is more adorable than a secret letter or a surprise package. This way of making other people happy will always be in fashion and will always bring joy to both sides, regardless of age. Friendship at a distance gives you a lot of space for creative solutions. If you haven’t tried writing a traditional letter yet, you need to give it a try and see how much joy it brings!

6. Happiness when you finally see each other!

This is probably the best part about long-distance friendships. When you finally can meet each other in person you feel extremely excited and lucky. You have so many topics to talk about and so many plans to implement. That’s why airports and train stations are the most emotional places in the world.

Justyna Kluska

Enthusiastic content creator, I want social media to become a source of knowledge and inspiration. I wish they would connect people instead of dividing them.